RF TopGun

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Weight                       :   1.1 kg

(dimension weight, by express standard)

Net weight                 :   454 g

PACKING SIZE             :   23.5 cm X 44.0 cm X 6.0 cm


 -  LED Stand (2 pcs)  :   41.0 cm  X 1.5 cm   X 3.0 cm

 -  #0807 RF TopGun              :   20.0 cm  X 13.5 cm X 3.0 cm

 -  RF Receiver            :    2.0 cm  X  7.5 cm X 1.0 cm


Packing includes :

1. #0807 RF TopGun  X 1

2. LED Stands X 2

3. RF receiver x 1

4. CD X 1

5. Power cable (for LED stands) X 1

6. Hooks for LED stands X 2

7. Stickers for LED stands

8. User Manual



EMS TopGun has won the "Hong Kong Awards for Industries : Consumer Product Design Award" !!

For details, click here.




l   Wireless. Supports 2 channels.

l   Supports windows win7™ / Vista™ / XP™.

l   The 1st lightgun for All Screens

    (includes CRT / LCD / Plasma / Projector´etc)

l      Supports

            PS3™                 PS2™                    PC


    Note : In PS2™/PS3™, only GunCon2 compatible games are supported.

              This product supports PS2™ compatible PS3™ consoles.

l      Compatible with MAME™and more than 100 Flash games.  

     See the game list !!

l      Provide Turbo / Auto-Reload mode.

l      Recommend screen size : 14 C 120 inch.

      * For 16:9 screens over 42 inches (with LED stands mounted beside the screen),
  or 16:9 screens over 52 inches (with LED stands mounted above and below the

        screen), TopGun Blaze Stand II (#0802) is recommended to be used.

l   Supports 52 inches 16:9 screen at 7 feet from the screen.

(with LED stands mounted above and below the screen)


**#0807 RF TopGun would consume 60-70mAh per hour, in working mode (i.e. non-sleep mode), required voltage is around 3V.

  That is, 2pcs of 1.5V AA battery of capacity 2700mAh, could last for at least 30 hours.


#0807 RF TopGun resources


TopGun driver + panel v.1.0 beta 2

Download : Link

Supports MAME and other gun shooting games perfectly. With keyboard mapping

and profile function.


#0807 RF TopGun Manual (PDF)

Download : Link

This is a detailed manual includes how to setup the gun and install the driver.


#0807 RF TopGun calibration tutorial

Download : Link

This is a movie about how to calibrate the #0807 RF TopGun.


Please visit here for more downloads.


Q&A section

For any question, please see the Q&A section here.


Online Reviews of TopGun Series


Other accessories

(#0802) TopGun Blaze Stand II .....................................US 6.99  

- It is an accessory for #0807 RF TopGun and #0718 EMS TopGun II, to support huge screens.


For any inquiry, please contact us : sales@hkems.com


Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. 
#0807 RF TopGun are fully designed and developed in-house by EMS Production Ltd.

This is not a Sony Official Product


Patent No. ZL2005 2 0066363.1


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