TopGun Blaze Stand II

Product no. 0802



WEIGHT                      :   255 g

NET WEIGHT               :   230 g

PACKING SIZE             :   43.0 cm  X 4.0 cm   X 5.0 cm


 -  LED Stand (2 pcs)  :   41.0 cm  X 1.5 cm   X 3.0 cm / pc


Introduction :

#0802 TopGun Blaze Stand II is an accessory for (#0718) EMS TopGun II and (#0807) RF TopGun. It is a pair of ultra bright infrared LED stands specially designed to support huge screens.

Setup :

The set up of #0802 TopGun Blaze Stand II is exactly the same as the LED stands come with the TopGun package. Please refer to the user manual.


Notes for EMS TopGun II users :

For huge projectors, or for screens of 52 inches or above and the provided LED stands does not function well, user may consider to buy the #0802 TopGun Blaze Stand II to replace the provided LED stands.


#0802 TopGun Blaze Stand II is fully designed and developed in-house by EMS Production Ltd.


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