Common USB driver for EMS products


EMSLink_v3.1.0 (beta)   22 Jan,10 (win 7 / Vista / XP, 32bit and 64bit)

Download : Link


It is a common driver for EMS USB products(*). It supports all the products below.

#0907 NDS™ Adaptor Plus

#0609 NDS™ Adaptor

#0606 SP & NDS™ Mini Camera (16-128M)

#0507 Sharp Shooter

#0412 SP & NDS™ Mini Camera

#0304 GBA™ SP mini camera

#0213 GC™ USB memory adaptor

#0212 GBA™ Interactive camera

#0206 PS2™ USB memory adaptor

#0203 GBA™ mini camera


** please read this thread to fix the driver signature matter on 64bit windows.

** this driver is not for TopGun / Trio Linker Plus II / Trio Linker Plus / EMS USB2.



EMS XP64 Driver  7 July,05 (XP 64)

Download : Link

This is the USB and Parallel port driver for XP 64. Simply replace the original files with these files.

When the Windows XP 64 ask you for the driver, you can simply direct it to the location of these files.

Workable with the following EMS products : #0107 PS2 Memory Adaptor, #0206 PS2 USB Memory Adaptor,

#0213 GC USB Memory Adaptor, #0203 GBA Mini Camera, #0412 SP&NDS Mini Camera.



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