***** GBA Mini Camera   NO.0203  *****






                                                     weight: 145g

                                         package size: 125 X  215mm

                                 (This product comes with cable and floppy disk)






First, capture the image into the GBA. Then with the help of our company's supplied software, saving, editing and printing can be achieved by computer.  

Built-in 8M memory capacity


Can save upto 26 photographs


640 X 480 pixel resolution and zoom function


No matter day or night, indoors or outdoors, contrast can be adjusted.


Colours include tend to blue, tend to red, natural and rich colour


9 photos can be viewed on each page


Photographs can also be viewed one by one in a sequence


Photos can also be deleted zoomed function

Click Functions


This Is Not A Nintendo Official Product

email : sales@hkems.com


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