Sharp Shooter #0507

WEIGHT : 185 g
PACKING SIZE : 14 cm X 20 cm X 4.6 cm 
PRODUCT SIZE : 7.5 cm  X 6 cm X 4.5 cm


Sharp Shooter introduction:
每 Exclusively designed for FPS Gamers.
每 Allow user to play FPS games with common mouse and keyboard in Xbox™.
   PC-based comfort and efficient gameplay now on Xbox™.
每 Free mouse speed adjustment
每 Programmable keyboard setting. Allow user to connect the adaptor to PC via USB,
   to configure different settings for different games.
每 Support Xbox™ memory card.
每 Works with any game, even without built-in Mouse + Keyboard support
  (Include Halo 1&2, Golden Eye 2 Rouge Agent, Soldier of Fortune 1&2,Star Wars,
   Terminator 3, Rainbow Six Black Arrow, Ghost Recon 2, Unreal II.....etc)


每 Compatible with PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard
每 Compatible with USB Mouse and Keyboard with a USB to PS/2 adaptor
每 Compatible with Optical and Wireless Mouse
每 Supports most of keys on Keyboard and Mouse.


Package Include
每 1 pc floppy with the driver and user guide.
每 1 pc Sharp Shooter.

Please click Here for the user guide.

Please visit the download page to download the driver.

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Designated trademarks, brands and game names are the property of their respective owners.

Sharp Shooter is fully designed and developed in-house by EMS Production Ltd.

This is not a Microsoft Official Product


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