Edit GC Game Save Luigi Mansion (Japanese version) coins method  2003-05-23

The Legend Of Zelda the Wind Waker (US version) search for crystal method   2003-05-29


1--Q: Is it difficult to change save files?
1--A: As long as you know the basic computer calculations, hexadecimal calculation, you can change save files.
2--Q: I already have a certain level of computer knowledge, does that make it easier to change save files?
2--A: Basic computer knowledge assists in changing save files.
3--Q: Are save files difficult to find?
3--A: Changing save files in different games, maybe not be the same, as for the "lives" or "money", they are quite easily found.
4--Q: When changing save files, is there anything i have to look out for?
4--A: When changing save files, what you must look out for is whether the "address data" and "check sum" save file position is correctly found.
5--Q: What is the "address position"?
5--A: All things in all games, have their "data" position in the computer, as for "address position" it is the position of things after "numerical". Changing it's number value, will change the quantity of things.
6--Q: What is check sum?         data       CHECK SUM
6--A: After changing "address data", it is also necessary to change the "check sum", because save file "data" and "check sum" compare info with each other. Meaning at save file "data" the quantity is increased, "check sum" will need to be increased to the same quantity, i.e.: data is increased by 5, check sum is needed to increase by 5, to balance, (notice: check sum is a combination of 4 digits, some game calculations are by multiplication & division but not plus & minus. That is the important step that you will need to be aware of with changing save files)
7--Q: Where do I find the check sum?
7--A: Check sum is the 4 digit number found at the end of the address.(Notice: Each group of check sum is made up of 4 digits)
8--Q: Can I use "gold finger" to change save files?
8--A: They are different things. Gold finger is a way that changes the game, before the game starts, you input the numbers. Plus, everytime you use it, you will need to wait for the new CODE to be released.
9--Q: What's good about finding the address position to change the save file? 
9--A: After knowing how to find the address position, you can change things whenever you like, just like having your own private bank.
10--Q: What is the difference with gold finger and changing the save file?
10--A: Before you use gold finger, apart from buying the external hardware, you will need to buy/ find the game CODE. Because gold finger changes information from the game's original data. When using it, you will permanently be in the CODE status. Sometimes the console will HOLD. This website changes the game's "save files". When playing games, change the necessary items and you can get the effects. Plus, you can change anytime. A totally different way of playing.

11-Q: What do I need in order to edit GC game saves?

11-A: You will need a GC adaptor and a USB computer to do so.


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