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The Legend Of Zelda
the Wind Waker
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First start the game; you don't have to do anything here, just save the game record. This record will be Z1. 

(In other words, backup the record of no more/ less of objects to the computer)

(You will then need to know what you want to find (coins, power, life, and weapons), I will now increase crystals to 255.)

We already have the first save, in the game pick up a blue crystal(adds 5 crystals), then save record. This record is Z2. Backup onto computer and go back to the game. Get a yellow crystal(adds 10 crystals), and save record again. This record is Z3, back it up on computer. Then go back to the game and use this method until you have got three records (Z1-Z3), Z1 has no crystals, Z2 has 5, Z3 has 15. Then use the computer program to compare, compare Z1 to Z2 (You can use the program provided by EMS or UltraEdit program). After comparing, some numbers will appear
computer program to compare


Then compare Z2 to Z3, a few columns of numbers will appear. Those numbers are the differences between the files.


The game Zelda's records are not the same as Luigi, Luigi's record is separated into a few parts. However, Zelda is not. It's record unit's full length is 1803F compared to Luigi's record 603F, it's a lot more. It is simpler, look at the number value of Z1 compared to Z2, then Z2 to Z3, you will find a lot of different number values.

203C DF 7C 10 86 

403C 7B 7E 74 84 

603C 7B 7E 74 84 

203C 25 32 CA D0 

403C 9E CA 51 38 

603C 9E CA 51 38 

203C 9E CA 51 38 

403C 39 5A B6 A8 

603C 39 5A B6 A8 

You should see that the numbers above, Z1-Z3, are similar to checksum numbers. Checksum is like a scale which balances the value, it minuses from one side and adds to the other. Minus Z1's 203E-3F from Z2's 203E-3F(CAD0-1086=BA4A) hexadecimal calculation. Then add the result BA4A to Z2's 203C-3D(2532+BA4A=DF7C), the result should be Z1's record 203C-3D number value, nornally seen as checksum, but do you see that the three records (Z1-Z3)'s numbers repeat frequently? 403C-3F and 603C-3F are the same in every record and Z1's 403C-3F & 603C-3F and Z2's 203C-3F is also the same, plus Z2's 403C-3F and 603C-3F is equal to Z3's 203C-3F. This proves that it isn't the real checksum, but a fake one to cheat you. Therefore forget about the above address position number values.

Because Checksum is usually in pairs, there is only 27B2-B3, 27B6-B7 and 47B2-B3, 47B6-B7 left in the graph which has a sequence of the same number values. It is the only normal changing pair of number, try to add to one side(27B6-B7) and minus from the other(27B2-B3) from Z1's 27B2-B3 minus Z2's 27B2-B3(4480-43ED=93)hexadecimal calculation. Then add to the result of 93, Z1's 27B6-B7(B418+93=B4AB) the result should be Z2's record 27B6-B7's number value, could this be a fake checksum? Take a good look at Z1-Z3, the value is these positions are not the same. In other words, if it is real, try (27B2-B3, 27B6-B7), then try 47B2-B3, 47B6-B7 later, it looks like another group's save area.




This time we look for crystals 255(In the game, there is only 200 crystals. However, we can edit to 255), you can see the crystal amount in the above, Z1 is 0, Z2 is 5, Z3 is 15crystals. Hexadecimal calculation(00,05,0F), that way you can see that the address position is 204D and 404D, it meets the above amount. It looks like it is separated into two groups of memory area, 47B2-B3, 47B6-B7 and 404D is the second area. That's why we change the first area 27B2-B3, 27B6-B7 and 204D this time.

27B6-B7 will increase everytime after recorded, therefore 27B6-B7 will decrease everytime recorded, that is the checksum position. Crystal's position is 204D, this time I will edit Z1's record(because changing from 00 will be easier to calculate), from 204D's address position 00 change to FF(255hexadecimal calculation), and then from FF minus 27B2-B3's address position number value(4480-FF=4381), then add to 27B6-B7's address position's number value(B418+FF=B517), after trying it goes back to 00 crystals, this may not be the correct address position. Then try 47B2-B3, 47B6-B4, 404D's position after edit is also different. You will find that the number value after edited will not change, it is only using the number above(204D-27B7).
This time we will change two sides of the address position(204D changed to 47B7's address position), the result cannot enter the game. What went wrong? Thinking back to Luigi's checksum, we first plus then minus, however Zelda is first minus then plus. Let's try to add first then minus, 27B2-B3(4480+FF=457F), 27B6-B7(B418-FF=B319),204D(00+FF=FF), this time we got it!! 255 crystals!!!~

204D e

27B2-B3 e

27B6-B7 e

This time Zelda's checksum calculation method is different from Luigi, a fake checksum appeared, wrong calculation method was used(sequence was wrong, should minus wasn't minus, should add wasn't add). That's why we had to try many times to find the correct address position and calculation method, we need to continue to search and try, because checksum has many different ways to be found.

Must be clear with numbers, especially hexadecimal calculation, you must have some knowledge to work fast.

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