Edit GC Game Save Luigi Mansion (Japanese version) coins method 

First start the game; you don・t have to do anything here, just save the game record. This record will be L1. 

(In other words, backup the record of no more/ less of objects to the computer)

(You will then need to know what you want to find (coins, power, life, and weapons), I will now increase coins to 9999.)

We already have the first save, in the game pick up a coin, then save record. This record is L2. Save it onto computer and go back to the game. Get another coin, and save record again. This record is L3, save it on computer. Then go back to the game and repeat this until you have got six records (L1-L6), every record is one coin different to the next. Then use the computer program to compare, compare L1 to L2 (You can use the program provided by EMS or UltraEdit program). After comparing, a lot of numbers will appear. 

computer program to compare


When comparing L2 to L3, a few visible columns of numbers will appear. Those numbers are the differences between the two files.


Why is there so much difference between the first and second, there are many ways to save GC save, Luigi is separated into three parts (It・s total length in hexadecimal calculation is 603F. First part 0-203F, second part is 2040-403F, third part 4040-603F), 0-203F is Luigi・s main part (time); there is no need to amend. 2040-403F is record area two, 4040-603F is record area three, and the location of your first game record is area three. The second game record will be at area two; the third game record will be at area three etc. Therefore L1 compared to L2 is very different, because at that time record area two of L1 was blank. However, L2 compared to L3 is only a little different, only record area one and area three is a little different. Record area two has no difference, because Luigi・s record method is two areas save. I have just explained how to save. When you first save game L1 record, only area one 0-203 and area three 4040-603F has data, area two 2040-403F is blank. Upon the second game save L2 record all three areas have data, because when it saves the second time, it will not save into area three. Instead, it saves into area two. Area three is for backup of first L1, therefore L1 compared to L2 will have much difference. On the third time of saving game L3 record it will completely copy record area two, add new data and save onto area three and not on area two. Therefore L3・s record・s area two and area three is only a little different. Record area two data equals to L2 record area two. So when you edit game, it is best to compare L2 to L3 and a rather less number of digits will appear. Only 4040-603F has a little data difference. Look carefully and you will see that the coins amount, because of the 6 records (L1-L6) that has one more coin in each has been backed up (L1 has zero coins) (L6 has five coins), therefore L2 has one, L3 has two, after comparing the two files a few address positions will appear. The first two are irrelevant; we should see that only in 4043-603F there are eight differences. This is because L3 has two coins; we should discover that there is only one address position 433B that has the numbers 02. However, you will discover that it is compared with 00, why isn・t it 01 but 00? This is because L2・s game record is at 2040-403F・s record area two, and record area three・s record is L1・s backup. That・s why there is only the number value 00 (L1 has no coins)
Edit coins address position has been found, record area two is 233B, record area three is 433B, compare many times and you will get to record two・s coins address, L1 compared to L2, L2 to L3, L3 to L4, and you will find the address you need. However, you will find that the pattern of a few numbers change,


That is 403C, 403D, 403E, 403F and 603C, 603D, 603E, 603F. They are for balancing the Checksum. Luigi has two record areas, one for record and one for backup, after more than one record, their address will exchange. Backup・s address will become new record and record will become backup. If you would like to edit game record, you will need to change the address that appears after comparing. Choose the newer address position to edit.

Checksum is a must for editing any position. If you only edit the coins position from 02 to 270F hexadecimal calculation (9999) in Luigi, it won・t work. It will use the previous backup; this one will be useless because you left out the Checksum. No matter if your edit is by one different, you still need the Checksum.

Do you see that the pattern has changed in record area 403C, 403D, 403E, 403F and record area three 603C, 603D, 603E, 603F? You will need to minus the numbers in the address position L2 603C, 603D from L3 603C, 603D. You should get 40C, then minus L3 603E, 603F from L2 603E, 603F. You should get 40C. We only need to use the computer program (the supplied program or Windows UltraEdit) to compare (FC/B L2.GCI L3.GCI), because you will discover that after comparing the four address positions, L2 603C, 603D・s address position is smaller than L3・s. However, L2 603E, 603F・s address position is larger than L3, 603C, 603D will increase its value each time recorded. In other words, 603E, 603F will decrease each time. That is area three・s Checksum. In that way you will know that during record, 603C, 603D will add a value, that value will be taken away from 603E, 603F. That is to balance it. We know the Checksum address position, checksum is like a scale which balances the value, it minuses from one side and adds to the other, 603C, 603D is plus value, 603E, 603F is minus the same value. Just use the method mentioned and you will find the Checksum position.

(Compare many times and you will discover 403C-403F will minus one side and add to the other, that is area two・s checksum)

We have found Checksum・s position, and can now edit what you would like to change. L3 edit coins・ address 433B is 02,


Change it to 9999(hexadecimal calculation270F),

433B amended

Use the computer・s calculator to calculate,


Because we are changing 02 to 270F, 270F minus 02 is 270D that is the value on the scale, you edit the record, and plus/ minus has to be the same value at Checksum because you need to change 02 to 270F. 02 have to be added until it gets to 270F. Add 270D, this way the value is added to 603C, 603D(B0 3C) and deducted from 603E, 603F(3F C6). Calculate with the calculator to find the answer.



603C, 603D(D6 49), 603E, 603F(18 B9), change that address position to the answer you have found and you will have 9999 coins in Luigi.

603C-603D amended

603E-603F amended

(Note: This method can only be reference, it proves that Luigi can be edit normally, it may not be applicable to other game records)

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