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1.    Introduction:

        Exclusively designed for FPS Gamers.

        PC-based comfort and efficient gameplay now on Xbox™. Allow user to play FPS games with common mouse and keyboard in Xbox™.

        Free mouse speed adjustment

        Programmable keyboard setting. Allow user to connect the adaptor to PC via USB, to configure different settings for different games.

        Supports most of keys on Keyboard and Mouse.

        Compatible with PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard

        Compatible with USB Mouse and Keyboard with a USB to PS/2 adaptor

        Compatible with Optical and Wireless Mouse

        Support Xbox™ memory card.

        Works with all current games, even without built-in Mouse + Keyboard support

(Include Halo 1&2, Golden Eye 2 Rouge Agent, Soldier of Fortune 1&2, Star Wars, Terminator 3, Rainbow Six Black Arrow, Ghost Recon 2, Unreal II.....etc)

Note: All of the above trademarks and game names are property of their respective owners.

2.    Set up guide

2.1 Configure your #0507 Sharp Shooter in PC

The keyboard settings and mouse speed of the #0507 Sharp Shooter are programmable, so that you can have your own settings for different games. To configure your #0507 Sharp Shooter, you need to connect it to the PC via USB port. The USB port support plug and play, but you have to install the driver for your #0507 Sharp Shooter at the first time when you use it. Here are the instructions to install the driver:


2.1.1 Install #0507 Sharp Shooter USB driver in PC

Step 1)   Insert the given floppy into your PC, you can find the following files inside the floppy.

               I.    #0507 Sharp Shooter Config V1.0.exe        IV.    #0507 Sharp Shooter User Guide (Eng).htm

               II.   EM3LINK.INF                               V.     #0507 Sharp Shooter User Guide (笢恅).htm

               III. EM3LINK.sys

Note : In case you lose the floppy or your computer doesn't have floppy drive, please visit the download page for the above files.

Step 2)   Switch the button on the #0507 Sharp Shooter to ※PC§ instead of ※X§.


Step 3)   Connect your #0507 Sharp Shooter to PC USB port, and you'll notice the Found new hardware box appear on your screen.


Note: If your computer can recognize your #0507 Sharp Shooter, it would prompt you for the driver (see step 3), otherwise it would tell you it find an unknown device. If it doesn*t ask you for the driver, please reboot and repeat this step with another USB port or use an USB hubs.

Step 4)   After the Found new hardware box appears, the Found new hardware wizard will start. You will be asked What do you want the wizard to do? Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced).


Step 5)   Select Search for the best driver in these locations and click Include this location in the search. Click the browse button and find the location of the floppy.

Step 6)     After you click the next button, you should see a hardware installation window appear saying the drivers may not be compatible with Windows XP. The drivers do work, so ignore this box and click Continue Anyway.


Step 7)   Windows XP may install the drivers on its own, but if not a Files needed window will appear asking to find the file "EM3Link.sys". This file is located in the floppy. After you click the OK button Windows XP will have successfully installed the drivers for the USB Memory Card Adapter.

2.1.2 #0507 Sharp Shooter Config program user guide

  The program #0507 Sharp Shooter Config V1.0 can help you to configure your #0507 Sharp Shooter, such that you can have your own settings for different games. Here are the instructions to use it:


Step 1)   Switch the button on the #0507 Sharp Shooter to ※PC§ instead of ※X§.


Step 2)   Connect your #0507 Sharp Shooter to the USB port in PC. For the first time, you have to install the driver. (see the instructions in 2.1.1)


Step 3)   Run the program #0507 Sharp Shooter Config V1.0.exe (which you can find in the floppy). If the connection is success, you should able to see the USB logo at the right bottom corner.


Step 4)   Press the Add button to add a profile and then it would pop up a mini window asking for the profile name. Input a name and click OK. Then you can find the profile in the profile list at the left.


              Note: If there are some profiles already exist in the #0507 Sharp Shooter, you may use those profiles directly and don*t need to add a new profile. Of course you can add a new profile for new games.

Step 5)   The right part of the program is divided to 4 small parts:

Normal Key

每  Allow you to assign any keys on the keyboard to represent the keys of the Xbox™ joypad.


        Allow you to assign any keys on the keyboard to represent the analog stick of the Xbox™ joypad. If you click the ※Keyboard to X, Y Axis§ box, the keyboard would represent the left analog stick, and the mouse would represent the right analog stick. Vise versa if you un-click the ※Keyboard to X, Y Axis§ box.


        Allow you to configure the sensitivity of the mouse, and assign the function of the left click, right click and middle click buttons on the mouse.

Key Combination

 每   Allow you to configure a simple macro here.


                        Please fill in the items above to edit the profile.


Step 6)   To delete a profile, you can select the profile and click Delete. To apply the changes to the #0507 Sharp Shooter, you should select a profile at the left, click Use, and then click OK.


2.2  Use your #0507 Sharp Shooter in Xbox

Here are the guides to connect your #0507 Sharp Shooter to the Xbox™, please note that you have to configure the #0507 Sharp Shooter in computer before use it in Xbox™.


Step 1)   Connect your keyboard and mouse to the #0507 Sharp Shooter. The #0507 Sharp Shooter supports wireless or optical mouse. To use USB mouse or keyboard, you have to use the USB/PS2 adaptor.


Step 2)   Switch the button on the #0507 Sharp Shooter to ※X§ instead of ※PC§


Step 3)   Connect your #0507 Sharp Shooter to your Xbox™ 每 joypad port.


  Note:  1.#0507 Sharp Shooter supports plug and play in Xbox™, so that you can un-plug the Sharp

                 Shooter during the game is running, change the setting in PC, and then re-connect it to

                 the Xbox™ and continue the game.

              2.You must connect the keyboard and mouse before connect it to Xbox™. The upper PS/2

                 port is for mouse, and the lower PS/2 port is for keyboard.


2.3  Use your Memory card in Xbox

To use your Memory card in Xbox™, you can simply connect your card to the #0507 Sharp Shooter.


Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. #0507 Sharp Shooter

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