EMS TopGun 

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WEIGHT                          :   1.1 kg

(dimension weight, by express standard)

NET WEIGHT                   :   660 g

PACKING SIZE                 :   23.5 cm X 44.0 cm X 6.0 cm


 -  LED Stand (2 pcs)      :   41.0 cm  X 1.5 cm   X 3.0 cm

 -  #508(0902) EMS TopGun :   20.0 cm  X 13.5 cm X 3.0 cm


Packing includes :

1. #0508(0902) EMS TopGun  X 1

2. LED Stands X 2

3. CD X 1

4. Power cable (for vibration function) X 1

5. Hooks for LED stands X 2

6. Stickers for LED stands

7. User Manual



EMS TopGun has won the "Hong Kong Awards for Industries : Consumer Product Design Award" !!

For details, click here.




l   Supports 52 inches 16:9 screen at 7 feet from the screen.

(with LED stands mounted above and below the screen, refer to this picture.)

l   Supports windows XP (32bit) / 2k / ME / 98SE / 98™.

l   The 1st lightgun for All Screens

      - CRT (50Hz / 60 Hz / 100 Hz)     - PROJECTOR

      - LCD                                        - HDTV

      - PLASMA                                   - Any New Screens in the future

l      Supports

            PS3™                 PS2™                  XBox™                      PC


    Note : In PS2™/PS3™, only GunCon2 compatible games are supported.

              This product supports PS2™ compatible PS3™ consoles.

l      Compatible with MAME™and more than 100 Flash games.  

     See the game list !!

l      Provide POINTER and RECOIL function.

l      Provide Auto-Fire / Auto-Reload mode.

l      Provide debug function. (see manual for details.)  

l      Recommend screen size : 14 C 120 inch.


For huge projectors, or for screens of 52 inches or above and the provided LED stands

does not function well, user  may consider to buy our TopGun Blaze stand II (#0802) to

replace the provided LED stands.



#0508(0902) EMS TopGun resources


TopGun driver + panel v.1.0 beta 2

Download : Link

The latest universal TopGun driver.



Download : Link

This is the debug mode program, for user to find out the interruption sources.


#0508(0902) EMS TopGun Manual (PDF)

Download : Link

This is a detailed manual includes how to setup the gun and install the driver.


#0508(0902) EMS TopGun calibration tutorial

Download : Link

This is a movie about how to calibrate the TopGun.


Please visit here for more downloads.


Q&A section

For any question, please see the Q&A section here.


Online Reviews of TopGun Series


Other accessories

(#0802) TopGun Blaze Stand II .............................US 6.99  

Accessory for EMS TopGun - Ultra Bright LED stand for Huge screens.


For any inquiry, please contact us : sales@hkems.com


Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. #0508(0902)
EMS TopGun are fully designed and developed in-house by EMS Production Ltd.

This is not a Microsoft nor Sony Official Product


This product is only for indoor use. Please prevent it from crushing and do not use the buttons with

excessive force, or it's structure would be affected. Moreover, please don't aim the red laser pointer

of this product at any person or animals' eye.




Patent No. ZL2005 2 0066363.1


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