Connects Sega Saturn™ controllers to PS3™ !!


With our (#0505) Trio Linker Plus or (#0603) Trio Linker Plus II and (#9912) Total Control 3,

you could use your SS™ joypads / SS™ Arcade Stick / SS™ Dual Arcade Stick...etc, on your PS3™.

For details, please see the guide below.


Connection Guide


   1. Connect the SS™ controller to Total Control 3.

   2. Connect the Total Control 3 to Trio Linker Plus (or Trio Linker Plus II).

   3. Connect the Trio Linker Plus (or Trio Linker Plus II) to PS3™ (USB).


   Please refer to the above picture. For any questions, please kindly inform us.


Designated trademarks and brands are the properties of their respective owners. Trio Linker
Plus and Total Control 3 are fully designed and developed in-house by EMS Production Ltd.


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