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Product Weight : 189g
Packing size     : 13.8 cm X 19.5 cm X 5.6 cm


Main functions:

1. To support two PS™/PS2™ joypads in PC simultaneously. Support force feedback.

2. To support GunCon™ compatible Guns on PS2™/PS3™ console to play GunCon2™ compatible

    Gun shooting games. (i.e. To support PS1™ guns on PS2™/PS3™ console to play PS2™ gun

    shooting games. Please note that the switch "PC/GAME" must be set to "GAME")







#0205 EMS USB2 Driver Downloads


USB2 Driver v2.1(Download) 2004-09-25

This driver is designed for our product - #0205 EMS USB2. Some bugs of the old driver are fixed.

Moreover, a new function is added, which let you to set the vibration level of your joy pad.



USB2 Driver v2.2 (Download) 2004-11-02

-- Ver. 2.2 corrected the previous version which while supporting some games (e.g. NFS

   underground, metal gear solid, UEFA EURO 2004), joypad signal would be confused and

   kept on vibrating.

-- The analog compatibility of two PS1 joypads(NPC-104 & NPC-105) from Namco is now

    improved. Bringing gamers more excitement in racing.


USB2 Driver v2.3 (Download) 2005-03-16

-- With the old drivers, when the user use the digital pad, the analog function would

   also be affected. This would not be a problem for most of the games, as both of the

   digital pad and the analog stick are used to control the movement of the character in

   the game. But recently a customer points out that in a PC game, the left analog stick is

   used to control the movement of the character while the digital pad is used to control

   the pointer of the menu. The problem is that when the user move the pointer of the

   menu, it would let the character in the game move to the same direction. This new

   driver version 2.3 has a "Digital Pad Setting" option. User can set it to "Advance" mode

   so as to solve the above problem. User can also set to "Normal" so that the driver would

   work as the old driver (v2.2).

-- Fixed a minor bug that the joy pad would not stop vibrating during the first installation.


USB2 Driver v2.4 (Download) 2005-06-27

-- Fixed some minor bugs.

-- Added the support of Windows XP 64.


USB2 Driver v2.5 (Download) 2005-07-21

-- Most PS2 joypad analog sticks cannot re-center to the middle position exactly.

   To solve this problem, we added the "Dead Zone" Setting in this upgrade.


USB2 Driver v2.6 (Download) 2005-07-26


-- We have added the Key Mapping function in this upgrade, which allow

    you to change the key settings in case you can't change it in the game.

-- In some games (such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Manhunt), the axises

   of the right analog stick of the PS2 pad are wrongly inverted, and there are no joypad

   setting in those games. In this case, this key mapping function would help you to solve

   the problem.


USB2 Driver v2.65 (Download) 2005-08-01

-- We have added the "Joypad to Keyboard" function in this upgrade.

-- There are some games which could recognize keyboard only, and could not recognize

   joypad. With this function, you can use your joypad to play those games with no problem.


USB2 Driver v2.7 (Download) 2005-11-16

-- We have fixed a bug in this upgrade which used to occur during the set up process.


USB2 Driver for Mac (Download) 2006-1-18

-- It is the #0205 EMS USB2 driver for Mac OS 10.3 and 10.4.


USB2 Driver v3.0 (Download) 2006-8-22

-- The performance of the joy2key function is improved.


USB2 Driver for Intel Mac (Download) 2006-10-9

-- It is the windows XP driver for Intel Mac.


USB2 Driver for 32bit Vista - beta  (Download) 2007-1-5

This driver is designed to support 32bit Windows Vista. Please follow the guide below to install the driver:

1. connect the joypad to #0205 EMS USB2
2. set the switch (PC/GAME) on the #0205 EMS USB2 to (PC)
3. connect the #0205 EMS USB2 to PC, Vista will recognize a HID compliant device.
4. double click the setup file to install the driver.
5. go to "control panel" --> "game device" and check if you could find two joypads there.
6. If no joypad is found in step (5), click "start"-->"program files"--> "#0205 EMS USB2" and run the "update driver" program.

    You should then able to find two joypads in the "control panel" --> "game device".
This software is a beta version. If you have any suggestions, please kindly inform us.


#0205 EMS USB2 Q&A


Email: sales@hkems.com

This is not a Sony official product

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