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#0511 PSII Expansion Memory Card - 64M/128M   (#0511)



weight: 80g           product size: 12.5cm x 21.5cm

PS II Expansion Memory Card ( 64M/128M )  NO.0511

- build-in 64M saving capacity, user friendly. 

- support all PS2™ models (include 7000X)

- use original PS2 memory card as a boot up key.

- once booted up by the original PS2 memory card, it could work without it.

Set up instructions:

1. Insert the original PS2 Memory Card into the slot of #0511 PSII Expansion Memory Card.

2. Plug the #0511 PSII Expansion Memory Card into PS2 console.

3. PS2 console would recognize the #0511 PSII Expansion Memory Card.

Note: Once the PS2™ console has recognized the #0511 PSII Expansion Memory Card, the original PS2™ memory card (which act as a boot up key only) has finished it's job. Now, you may feel free to un-plug the original memory PS2 card.



This is not a Sony official product

email : sales@hkems.com

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