Q & A:

PS2™ Memory Expansion Card


Q.)   What is the difference between #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD and #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR?

A:     #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD build-in 16M/32M saving capacity which #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR haven't.


Q.)   How to use #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD?

A:     It's user friendly.  Just insert the original PS2™ Memory card into #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD and plug it into the memory slot of PS2™ after switching on the power.


Q.)   Does the original PS2™ memory card always plugging into the #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD and can't take away?

A:     Please feel free to take away the original memory card after #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD is shown in the Browser screen, as it is a key for opening only. 


Q.)   Which model of PS2™ is compatible with #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD?

A:    #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD is compatible  PS2™ consoles on market.(include 7xxxx)


Q.)   How to format #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD if it doesn't work properly?

A:     Just use a spiky thing and pulls into the small hold which on the back of the #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD for pressing the elasticity button inside, this is a hiding button for formation.  Press and hold the button, then Insert into the memory card slot of PS2™, release the button after 5 seconds.  Browser screen would shown as a picture of memory card about 3 seconds later, please process formation on TV, then the hold process is completed.

Notice:  All data of #0511 PS2™ MEMORY EXPANSION CARD would be deleted after formation


Q.)   How to format original PS2™ memory card if it doesn't work properly?

A:     Formation of original PS2™ memory card and Connecting PC would be done by #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR only as the design of PS2™ EXPANSION MEMORY CARD is simpler then #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR. PS2™ EXPANSION MEMORY CARD is a memory card which saving capacity has been expanded!!


This Is Not A SONY Official Product

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