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Product No. 0107


Packing size: 21.5cm X 12.5cm                 Product size: 6cm x 3.4cm x 8.4cm                 Weight: 102g

(computer cable need to be purchased separately)

Main features

1. With connected to PC, user can transfer game savers between PC and PS2 or PS1 memory card.

2. Allow user to download super savers (e.g infinity $$, exp) and upload to their own memory card.

3. Provide format function for the PS2 memory card.

4. Support 8M/16M/32M smart media or EMS flash card.

   (an original PS2™ memory card is needed for this function)

5. A special computer cable called PS2 Link Cable(#0112) is needed to connect to PC. It is sold separately.


NO.0208 PS2 Recharge can use with this product

This Is Not A SONY Official Product

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