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How to make the EMS Flash Card becomes a memory card in PS2™?

1.    Power on your PS2™ console then enter to the BROWER screen.

2.    Switch your #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR to Adaptor position then plug it into one of your PS2™ console memory card slots.(You can see the red light.)

3.    Plug the Original PS2™ Memory card & EMS Flash card into the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR.

4.    Enter the BROWER control screen and use it as memory at once.



A.     After the above stage 4, you can take out the PS2™ Memory Card and now you have one more Memory Card to use.

B.     After the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR function activation, do not switch the selector to OFF or PS2™ position. Fail to do that, the Original PS2™ Memory Card must be re-plugged as it has a build-in program to activate the functions of #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR.

C.     Either the EMS Flash Card or Smart Media socket are using the same slot position in #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR.ˇ@

How to use the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR with Personal Computer?

Operate the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR with Personal Computer, you need buy a EMS PS2™ Link Cable and download programs from the EMS Homepage: DOWNLOAD, then follow the above 1- 4 stages.( In that time, the 2 stage ,The switch must to PS2™ position and see  the green light.)

Make sure the parallel port mode of your PC has been set to either EPP or ECP or EPP/ECP mode inside of the BIOS setup before entering the Operating Systems (Windows etc.,) to coordinate the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR use with PC. Select EPP or ECP or EPP+ECP mode will be depended on the speed of your PC.

If your PC parallel port mode is set other than the above mentioned, you will be fail to use the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR with your PC as the speed does not match.

PSX original memory cards can also be used on #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR with PC.


How to initial format the EMS Flash Cards/PS2™ Memory Cards/Smart Medias in the EMS #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR? This is also a method to remedy your faulty PS2™ Memory Cards.

1.     Switch the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR selector to position marked ˇ§PS2™ˇ¨(for smart media card switch the seletor to "ADAPTOR") followed by plugging the PS2™ Memory Card into the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR.

2.     Press & hold the button marked ˇ§FORMATˇ¨ followed by plugging the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR into one of the memory slots in PS2™ console (do not release the button). Green LED will be flashed about 5 seconds, after more 10 seconds release the button. The LED will be flashed & changed from Green to Red, Red LED will not flash any more after 5 seconds. The initial format was completed.

3.     Take out the PS2™ Memory Card which has just been formatted by EMS #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR and redo the format procedure in your PS2™ console. You will have a new PS2™ memory card.


Q1.What is the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR?

1) The product designed to edit, up/download game saves to and from EMS flash card or smart media card.

Q2. Does the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR work with the original PS2™ Sony memory card?  

2)  Yes, it works with the original PS2™ memory card!    Since there is build-in software in PS2™ memory card called "Magic gate" which registered by Sony, but without this software, we cannot save the data in any card!  Due to this problem, we made our #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR with a port for connecting original PS2™ memory card, so when plug in PS2™ memory card, it will supply the software "Magic gate" and let you save the game data into other cards through our #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR!! 

Q3. Can you link the original Sony card to the pc with link cable?  

3) Our #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR can link with pc, you can plug in PS2™ original memory card or EMS flash card or smart media card for upload or download game save with pc and through our link program!  You can also use our link program to edit game saves, and your pc would be the final save machine, there is now an enormous save capacity.

Q4. Will it not work without the original Sony memory card? Your manual says it needs this to supply magic gate software. Once you use Sony card than you can plug in your smart media adapter and flash memory and save codes with that to?  

4) There is a program which compatible with our #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR, and you can choose saving data into PS2™ memory card or EMS flash card or smart media card!! Now, pc product are really hot in market, so many customer has already got a smart media card in hand, it isn't a problem for selling this set!  For EMS flash card, we just wanted our customer could get a higher capacity save card with cheaper price!  A big higher cost for unlimited save data function and edit save function is reasonable.  

Q5. Can you just use PS2™memory adaptor and flash card 8m or do you need the smart media card adaptor for the flash to work?  

5) When using the #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR, the 8M flash card cannot be used with it alone. As the PS2™ memory card has magic gate protect, you will need an original memory card to work the 8M flash card. When using the flash card, you do not need the smart media card adaptor.

Q6) What is the difference between an EMS flash card and smart media card?

6. The smart media card is more expensive but it is more useful, as it work for MP3, video camera or other pc performs!!   If customer hasn't a smart media card, we would suggest them to purchase our flash card, as the cost for purchasing a flash card is much cheaper then purchasing a new smart media card!   

Q7. Your instruction says you can plug in EMS flash card directly and use it as 8meg memory card right? Then why do you need smart media adaptor? What does that do? That allows you to link to pc? Please explain exactly what function is clearly for each product?  

7) There is two ways for saving data ..............  

--------By flash card (8M/16M/32M) => e.g. flash card 8M + #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR (+ cable --for connecting pc)

--------By smart media card => e.g. smart media adaptor + #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR (+ cable --for connecting pc)  

Now, pc product are really hot in market, so many customer has already got a smart media card in hand, it isn't a problem for selling this set!  For flash card, we just wanted our customer could get a higher capacity save card with cheaper price! 

Q8. Will the EMS flash card work on PS2™ system without #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR? What are smart media cards? You only have flash cards?

8) The EMS flash card without #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR can not work on PS2™ system and we only released the flash card, as you can purchase the smart media card easily, those smart media card always use for the video camera.

Q9) I have bought your company's #0107 PS2™ MEMORY ADAPTOR & Link Cable. It is for transferring PS2™ save to computer for saving and editing data. It supports PS/PS2™ save cards. When I tried to transfer the data to computer today, first using the PS2™ save card (which was alright) then when I tried with the PS2™ save card, the problem came out to be that the save was unknown from which game it came from. When using PS save card, your company's program will display some characters and therefore the game is indicated. However when using PS2™ save card, your company's program displays the PS2™ logo for all games, that way I cannot know which save is for which game. Also your company's program file name display is also different to the PS2™ display. So, there is no way to correctly download those saves. 

9. The problem is that you are using our Chinese software which will display wrong decoding. Use the English software and you will see Japanese. You quite frequently read Japanese websites and Simplified Chinese websites, therefore you can go to windows update, download "ie6", ","Menus and Dialog boxes", "Japanese Language Support", Then at our PS2™ linker program you will see Japanese characters just like Win ME. If there is any problems, please contact us.

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