Classic Linker N64™

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  Product size  : 85mm x 78mm x 25mm      Package size : 160mm x 220mm x 30mm      weight  : 136g


Main features

  Connects N64™ controllers to GC™ / Wii™.

   - Build-in two sets of KEY MAPPING.

   - Free BUTTON SWAP function.

   - Supports ANALOG STICK ADJUST function.

   - Supports RUMBLE function.

   - Supports N64™ controllers in N64™ games on Wii™ perfectly.

 Connects PS™ / PS2™ / Wii™ Classic controllers to GC™ / Wii™.

   - Programmable AUTO FIRE function.

   - Supports RUMBLE function.

   - Supports PS™ dancing mat.



  1. Connect N64™ / PS™ / PS2™ / Wii™ Classic controller to Classic Linker N64™.

  2. Connect Classic Linker N64™ to GC™ / Wii™, and it would be recognized as a GC™ controller.

   * The red LED on Classic Linker N64™ will keeps solid red.


  With our (#0603) Trio Linker Plus II, it also connects N64™ / Wii™ Classic controllers to PC.




Key mapping table

  GC™ controller PS™ / PS2™ controller Wii™ Classic controller N64™ controller
(mode 1)
N64™ controller
(mode 2)
  Up Up Up Up Up
  Down Down Down Down Down
  Left Left Left Left Left
  Right Right Right Right Right
  / / / / C (up)
  / / / / C (down)
  X X / C (right)
  Y Y / C (left)
  B B B B
  A A A A
  Z L1 / R1 ZL / ZR Z Z
  L L2 L L L
  R R2 R R R
  Analog stick (left) Analog stick (left) Analog stick (left) Analog stick Analog stick
  Analog stick (right) Analog stick (right) Analog stick (right) C (up / down / left / right) /

User Manual


Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Classic Linker N64 is fully designed and developed  in-house by EMS PRODUCTION LIMITED.

This is not a SONY nor Nintendo official product.


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