#0908 Classic Linker N64™ Q&A section

Q1) What is #0908 Classic Linker N64™ ?

A) #0908 Classic Linker N64™ is an adaptor to connect N64™ / PS™ / PS2™ / Wii™ Classic controllers to

    GC™ / Wii™ console.


Q2) What is the difference between #0908 Classic Linker N64™ and #0902 Classic Linker Plus?

A) #0908 Classic Linker N64™ could also support N64™ controllers, but #0902 Classic Linker Plus does not.


Q3) With #0603 Trio Linker Plus II and #0908 Classic Linker N64™, how to connect N64™ / Wii™ Classic

      controllers to PC ?

A) Please refer to the picture below. First, connect the controller to #0908 Classic Linker N64™. And then,

    connect #0908 Classic Linker N64™ to Trio Linker Plus II. Finally, connect Trio Linker Plus II to PC. The

    controller would be recognized by PC.



Q4) Is #0908 Classic Linker N64™ compatible to Wii™ ?
A) #0908 Classic Linker N64™ will be recognized as a GC™ controller. In Wii™, GC™ controller (Classic Linker

    N64™) is only workable in GC™ compatible games or "classic" games, but not workable in Wii™ menu

    nor Wii™ games.

Q5) Is other 3rd party Wii™ Classic compatible controllers workable with #0908 Classic Linker N64™ ?

A) Our product does support the original Wii™ Classic controller. Regards other 3rd party Wii™ Classic

    compatible controllers in the market, we have tested some of them and they are compatible with our

    product. As there are too many 3rd party controllers in the market, we don't have plan to test them all



Q6) Is Hori™ - Wii™ Fighting Stick and Neo Geo™ - Wii™ Fighting Stick compatible with #0908 Classic

      Linker N64™ ? Refer to this pictures below.


A) Yes, we have tested them and they work perfectly.


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