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   Q. I have shipped a batch of electronic goods from China to oversea, but now it was found that those goods

        are defective. The problem is that we could not send the goods back to China directly. In this case, could

         EMS help me to repair the goods ?

   A. Our manufacturing base in Hong Kong could help you to solve the problem.


   Q. How large is your manufacturing base ?

   A. Our headquarter is in Hong Kong, and we have manufacturing bases in both China and Hong Kong.

       There are car parts for long truck.


   Q. I have a batch of defective household electronic, their size is quite big. Does your company big enough

        if we send you all the goods ?

   A. For this case, we recommend you to un-install the defective parts from the device and send them back to us.

       We would fix and test them according to your advice and send them back to you. This would be the most

       cost effective way.


   Q. How about the repairing charge ?

   A. As different products have different kind of problems, and there for the fixing charge would also vary.

        For any inquiry, please kindly inform us.


   Q. I am doing wholesale and retail business of electronic products in Hong Kong. Each new products come

        out, old product will decline in value, or even nobody cares. In fact, the product is very good in quality,

        just upgrade it, and it could be released again. But, it is difficult and expensive to ship them to China.

        Could EMS help us to upgrade the products in Hong Kong ?
   A. Yes, there is no problem. For example, we could upgrade those old battery charger to support new mobile

        phones. Simply replace a few parts inside, and it becomes new again. This approach is not only environmentally

        friendly, but also save money.


   Q. Are there any quantity limitation for this batch repairing services ?

   A. There is no quantity limitation. For any inquiry, please kindly inform us. TEL : 852-90922478 (JANEU)


   email : janeu@hkems.com


   Our Factory in China








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