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EMS PRODUCTION LTD. is specialized in PC / TV game accessories. Upon years of hard work, EMS is now known as a strenghty and well managed electronic product design and production company. Factories have been setup in Shenzhen, our products are sold world-wide.

Company target:
Entering the 21st century, the electronic market products are rapidly increasing and improving, competitively, electronic products must meet high technology requirements. Our engineers are well experienced in designs-->development-->production-->assembly-->testing computer/ TV game console and other accessories. From past experience of sales and records, EMS will continue to develop and produce TV/ computer game accessories.

Improve with competitors:
If your company happens to have new ideas for products but lack the electronic techniques, please contact us. Our company can supply experienced electronic skills and senior electronic engineers to discuss the matter with you. Also supply you with accurate technical support to upgrade the quality of the product, which will bring you a good profit. Or if you need designs, production of TV/ computer game related us. We can arrange your production schedules progress, such as purchasing components, product mould, packaging, procedures. That way customers may smoothly develop new products, from complicated to simple, improving the company image.

Expansion of business:
EMS mainly develops TV game accessories, all ideas to production are controlled by our own company. The past 10 years of non-stop rapid development, until now, EMS is known in foreign countries and has it's customers. More than half are organized chain of retail stores. Now we would like to give a helping hand to people operating their own business supplying our products and all our unlimited support, assisting the development of your career, fulfils your dream.

Retailer's joining method:
If you would like to be a distributor of our products, Agency Application upon notice, our company will have staff visiting your company for inspections and understanding, we will give suggestions to displays and explanations of certain products. If both parties can come to an agreement, a temporary contract can be signed. Payment should be made on or before the decided date, once payment is received, the parties cooperation relationship becomes effective. Our company will send out all customer orders as soon as possible.

& support:
Our website includes technical support section where you may find frequently asked questions and answers. You can also find new programs to download, all products sold come with our permanent guarantee warranty for repair & inspection (except for human errors). EMS products are all delicate, good quality of material, strict inspections, alike products cannot compare. EMS continues to keep this, bringing customers satisfaction and faith guaranteed.

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