Magic Path Q&A section

Q1) What is Magic Path ?
A) Magic Path is an adaptor to connect PS™ / PS2™ controllers to GC™ / Wii™. It also support rumble and auto-fire functions.


Q2) Is Magic Path compatible to Wii ?
A) MAGIC PATH will be recognized as a GC™ controller. In Wii™, GC™ controller (MAGIC PATH) is only

    workable in GC™ compatible games or "classic" games, but not workable in Wii™ menu nor Wii™


Q3) How to configure the auto-fire function ?

A)  Please follow the guide below to configure the auto-fire function:

     a.  Press (L2 + R2 + SELECT) together to enter the auto fire mode, the LED will turn off to

          indicate that.
     b.  When the LED is turned off, it is awaiting for a key input. Press a key, and the key is set to

          auto fire.
     c.  After (b), the LED will flash to indicate that the process is completed.
     d.  To disable an auto fired button, just simply do steps (a), (b), (c) again with the auto fired


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