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#9903 NEXUS 4M DC Rumble Pack

Q:   What is #9903 DC 4M Rumble Pack?

Ans. This product is a 4M “VIBRATED” memory card. The save function of this card is exactly the same of #9905 “NEXUS 4M” save card. The only different is this card does not have the PC Link port to transmit/download Save Data. The vibrated effect of this card is double of the Dreamcast OEM product “Puyo Puyo Pack”. 

Q.  What is the function of buttons side by the #9903 DC 4M Rumble Pack? 

Ans. There is a switch located at both sides respectively, the LHS is a function selecting switch. Push this switch to “︴︴︴”position to activate the vibrating function.(The level of the vibration is depended on the game software own setting to change). To activate the Save card function by pushing this switch to “M” position. Players only be able in this “M” position to read or save the files. Players are able to download/change the data via the product “Double Power”.

The RHS button is a Save page selector. It is same as the NEXUS 4M/16M Save Cards. The four LEDs indicated the Save page you are currently using.

#9903 DC 4M Rumble Pack does not vibrate during game playing?

1. The vibrating effect of this product will be function only when it is connected to joypad “Slot 2” port, please check and make sure this product is inserted in joypad “Slot 2” port.

2. Please check and make sure the selected switch is in the “︴︴︴”position.

3. Please check and make sure the game software supports the vibrating function.    

This Is Not A Sega Official Product

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