#0803 Classic Linker Q&A section

Q1) What is #0803 Classic Linker ?
A) #0803 Classic Linker
is an adaptor with the following functions:

    - Connects PS™/PS2™ and Wii™ Classic controllers to GC™ / Wii™.
    - Support PS™ dance mat in Wii™ dancing game.
    - Support rumble function.
    - Programmable Auto Fire mode included.


Q2) Is #0803 Classic Linker compatible to Wii ?
A) #0803 Classic Linker
will be recognized as a GC™ controller. In Wii™, GC™ controller ( #0803 Classic Linker )

    is only workable in GC™ compatible games or "classic" games, but not workable in Wii™ menu

    nor Wii™ games.

Q3) How to configure the auto-fire function ?

A)  Please follow the guide below to configure the auto-fire function:

     Hold START, press a button other then START or SELECT, release START. This will enable

    ˇ§autofireˇ¨ for this button. Repeat the above procedure will disable ˇ§auto fireˇ¨ for this button.
    When user press a button with ˇ§auto fireˇ¨ enabled, the LED will keep flashing to indicate that.


Q4) Is other 3rd party Wii™ Classic compatible controllers workable with #0803 Classic Linker ?

A)  There are too many 3rd party Wii™ Classic compatible controllers in the market.

     #0803 Classic Linker could only compatible with original Wii™ Classic controller.


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