PS2 USB MEMORY ADAPTOR instructions: 

======System Requirements ======

OS:Win98 or above 

======Installation & Usage Method====== 

-Download the connection program from 

-Connect the PS2 USB MEMORY ADAPTOR w/ official memory card to the memory card slot  on   the console 

-Turn on the PS2, enter Browser 

-The memory card will appear on the PS2 Browser screen, using the USB cable, connect to the PC -PC detects the new hardware, search for the best driver for your device->specify a location->browse-> browse for folder choose the extracted connection program (*ref. to diagram 1,2,3) 




-The memory card will vanish from the PS2 Browser screen 

-Run adpPrj.exe file from the connection program, run the program


======Software Usage Method====== 

After successful connection, run program (* ref. to diagram 4) 


"PS1 write" downloads the whole PS1 save to PS1 save card 

"PS1 backup" backups the whole PS1 save card 

"PREV" previous step 

"NEXT" next step 

"SCAN" scan memory card 


=====Backup Save Procedure======

-Press "SCAN", discover PS2 save card and then,(* ref. to diagram 5) 

-Press "NEXT" read PS2 save card data, using the direction buttons on the keyboard, choose save, enter is decide(* ref. to diagram 6) 


-Enter, press "backup" and backup is saved on PC 

-"DELETE" deletes selected saves 

-"EDIT" edit saves 


======Download Save Procedure====== 

-Press "SCAN" discover PS2 save card and then 

-"NEXT" read PS2 save card data 

-Press "download" select the position to download the save to and press "Open" (*ref. to diagram 7) 




This is not a Sony official product