======Method of connection to PC======

1. Install the PS2™ Adaptor program to the PC (Download)

2. Turn on PS2™ console power supply

3. Enter Browser screen

4. Insert the official PS2™ memory card into the PS2™ Adaptor. Then insert the whole thing into the PS2™ console. The PS2™ memory card screen will appear.

5. Connect the USB cable to the PC & USB memory adaptor (PS2™ memory card screen disappears normally)

6. Run the PS2™ Adaptor program and the PS2™ Memory window will appear.

7. On the top left hand corner of the program, the USB screen will appear

8. Press "OPEN/CATALOG" button, DEVICE SELECT window will appear

9. Choose PS2™ Card button, do not eject anything when starting connection until game info appears.

(It should only take approximately 2 seconds, note: the more game files, the longer it takes).


=====Cancellation of connection to PC========

1. Exit PS2™ Adaptor program

2. Above the instant usage diagram, left click on the mouse choosing stop usage (EMS inter-link cable)

3. Remove the USB cable.


======upload game====

1. choose the game

2. press SaverBackup

3. after inputting the file name, press save file

4. wait for the completion and uploadSaver complete will appear


========download game========

1. Press Appeah Saver

2. Choose the file and press start

3. wait for the completion and upload Saver complete will appear.



Q1) What is the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor?

A.     It connects the original memory card to the convertor connected to the PC using USB interface. 

Q2) What is USB interface?

A.     USB is a connection port, the majority of PC now are using USB port. 

Q3) What difference does it have compared to the previous PS2™ Memory Adaptor?

A.     The #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor has a different connection interface and has eliminated the EMS Flash card slot. All the rest of the functions are the same. 

Q4) How is the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor used on the PC?

A.-When using the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor on the PC, download the program at DOWNLOAD.

  -Plug in the original PS2™ Memory Card into the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor.

  -Plug the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor into the memory card slot, then the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor led will light up in green.

  -Connect the cable from the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor to the PC USB port.

  -Run the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor program in the PC. 

Q5) How can the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor format the original memory card?

(This is also a method of saving the original memory card)

A.  VPlug the original memory card into the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor

-Hold down the format button on the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor, plug directly into the PS2™ console memory card slot.

-When you see the green light flash approximately 5 times, wait 10seconds and let go. At this stage, the green light will turn to a red flashing light. After 5 seconds when you see that the red light has stopped flashing that means that the memory card has been formatted.

-take out the formatted memory card and directly plug it into the PS2™ console memory card slot. Then use the console to format, that way you would have one new PS2™ original memory card to use.

Q6) What is the mean about light green and red?

A. Green light is ready and Red light is reading/writing  .


Q7) I hardly see the red light on my #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor, usually I only see the green light flash. However, there aren't any problems with the functions, why is that?

A) That is normal, because the former data is left in the card. Simply detach the #0206 PS2™ USB Memory Adaptor from the PS2™ and press the format button 2 or 3 times. Then plug it back into the PS2™ and you will see a red light turn to green which is the original setting.


Q8) Does #0206 PS2 USB Memory Adaptor support 64bit windows ? (7-10-09)
A)  No. There is no 64bit driver for this product. If there are new driver updates, we would put it on the download page. 



email: sales@hkems.com

This is not a Sony official product