1. Does any things care when playing Sumba De Amigo with #9901 Cha Cha Amigo?

The essential thing is to select a suitable height for yourself as there are 5 ranges of height from 110cm-190cm. The maximum vertical distance of receiving point is 200cm. The best result is the Maracas sensor and the ground sensors align in a same straight line. The Maraca connects to LHS is for choosing game functions and the Maraca connects to RHS is for instruction confirmations. (The two Maracas are exactly the same, it doesn’t matter you connect which one to the left or right)

2. Does any effect on the #9901 Cha Cha Amigo when activating the remote controls of home electrical appliance?

There will be no effect on infrared ray remote controls as the #9901 Cha Cha Amigo are using the Ultra Sonic Sensor design. There will be some interference on the electromagnetic wave comes from the traditional long fluorescence light. There is a simple way to overcome the interference problem when you have a skipping TV screen on the old model TV set as playing the #9901 Cha Cha Amigo. You just ground the TV set, the electromagnetic wave cause the interference will be removed.

3. What is the range of distance for using #9901 Cha Cha Amigo?

The effective range of distance for the sensors to detect the #9901 Cha Cha Amigo is vertical from 60cm-200cm; horizontal distance between two maracas is 200cm. But we normally play maracas within the range are 100cm in horizontal and 20cm vertical intervals in top, middle, bottom positions.

4. How to know the Ultra Sonic Sensor of the #9901 Cha Cha Amigo is in normal situation?

Power on the DC with the game Sumba De Amigo after connection of #9901 Cha Cha Amigo; align the Maracas with the ground sensors in same vertical straight line. Pick up the Maracas, move them from top, middle, bottom and clockwise positions slowly but synchronized. There will have one single instead of two white circles on the TV screen, the movement of the white circle will be moved, related to your Maracas movement. The #9901 Cha Cha Amigo is in normal condition and ready for playing as you pass the above test. The marks will be double if the Maracas are moved when playing Sumba De Amigo synchronized and simultaneously.

5. Does the #9901 Cha Cha Amigo only for the game Sumba De Amigo?

The #9901 Cha Cha Amigo is the best combination to play the Sumba De Amigo. It also plays with the other DC games such as “Mr. Driller” etc. I don’t really know how many games work with #9901 Cha Cha Amigo? Does any know any other games are able to play with #9901 Cha Cha Amigo? Please let me know via email.

6.What is the difference between #9901 Cha Cha Amigo and the other brand maracas as there are many brands of maracas in the market?

There are some brands of maracas are not able to play with the second generation DC game “Sumba De Amigo”. The EMS #9901 Cha Cha Amigo is not only able to play with the second generation “Sumba De Amigo”. We special design 8 pieces of Red/Orange/Yellow/Green triple color LEDs. They will not only flash but remaining on for a short period and some audio effect from the small “PP pvc chips” whenever you shake the maracas to play game. It will increase the fun of playing game. The net weight of a single maraca is only 270g. Owing to reduce the transportation fee, the packing of #9901 Cha Cha Amigo is one third less of the other maraca products. “#9901 Cha Cha Amigo” is one of the EMS Production Limited high quality products. Our missions are to produce high quality products to fulfill the request of our customers. That is the difference from the other maraca products.

This Is Not A Sega Official Product

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