#0603 Trio Linker Plus II Q & A


Q1.What is the different between #0603 Trio Linker Plus II and #0505 Trio Linker Plus?
A) #0603 Trio Linker Plus II could support PS2™/GC™/DC™ joypads on PC simultaneously, while #0505 Trio Linker Plus could not. PC could recognize the three joypads at the same time.

Q2.Is #0603 Trio Linker Plus II compatible with the Trio Linker Plus driver?
A) #0603 Trio Linker Plus II isn't compatible with the Trio Linker Plus driver. #0603 Trio Linker Plus II has it's own driver.

Q3.Why isn't there any vibration on computer when I add the official vibration pack to the DC controller?
A) #0603 Trio Linker Plus II does not support DC controller vibration pack. However, PS2 & GC force feedback function is supported.

I have followed your installation procedure but computer still shows "unknown device", why?
A) It might be the USB port that is causing the problem. Please disconnect the #0603 Trio Linker Plus II from computer, restart computer and try again with another USB port. If the situation remains the same, please kindly test it on another computer.

Q5.I have connected two joypads (official PS2 and DC joypad) to #0603 Trio Linker Plus II, why's that the PC could only recognize one joypad ?
A) Please note that you should connect the two joypads to #0603 Trio Linker Plus II before you connect the #0603 Trio Linker Plus II to PC. Every time you reconnect the joypad to #0603 Trio Linker Plus II, you should disconnect and reconnect the #0603 Trio Linker Plus II to PC.

Q6.I recently purchased your #0603 Trio Linker Plus II to use with my dance pad, but the controller doesn't seem to allow both the left and right buttons at the same time. Do I need to do something special to enable dance pad mode ?
A) Please note that #0603 Trio Linker Plus II doesn't support 2 opposite direction button to be pressed at the same time, thus it could not support PSX™ / GC™ / DC™  dance mats.

Q7.I have just brought a Trio Linker Plus, would you please replace my Trio Linker Plus with a #0603 Trio Linker Plus II?
We don't offer such exchange services. In case you really want to use 3 joypads on PC at the same time, we recommend you to buy a new #0603 Trio Linker Plus II instead. For customers live outside Hong Kong, the postage to and from Hong Kong would be very expensive.


Q8.Is #0603 Trio Linker Plus II compatible with PS3™?
Yes, PS3™ games are supported, but PS3™ firmware must be updated. Moreover, some PS3™ games would only recognize Sony official PS3™ controllers. Any other non-official controllers or adaptors would not work on those games. We have tested Trio Linker Plus II with the game Time Crisis 4, and it works.


Q9.I plug my DC arcade stick to PS3™ via #0603 Trio Linker Plus II, but I find that the keys are swapped and the START button is not functioning. What's matter ? How could I fix it ?
A) Please re-map the buttons in the game before you play it. If you would like to pause the game, you may consider to use the START button of the 2P joypad, or you may simply disconnect #0603 Trio Linker Plus II from PS3™ USB port.


Q10.I find that the analog stick of my GC joypad could not reach the edge fully. How could I fix it ?
A) You could simply use the calibration function of the windows default driver or our #0603 Trio Linker Plus II driver to solve this problem.


Q11.Does #0603 Trio Linker Plus II support 64bit windows ? (7-10-09)
A) Yes, #0603 Trio Linker Plus II is Plug and Play on win 7 / Vista / XP / 2k / ME / 98SE / 98 for both 32bit or 64bit. But, our #0603 Trio Linker Plus II driver only supports 32bit windows.


Q12.It's strange that my Trio Linker Plus II could only support one controller at the same time. Is it defective ?
A) Please note that PC USB port could only provide 5V voltage. As some 3rd party controller would draw too much electricity, Trio Linker Plus II may fail to support multiple controllers for that case. Besides, it is reported that the following official controller / memory card would also cause the same problem.

1. VMU (official DC memory card)

2. Wave Bird (official GC wireless controller)


Anyway, PC could not recognize VMU. It is meaningless to use it with Trio Linker Plus II.


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