#0505  Trio Linker Plus Q & A


Q1. What is #0505 Trio Linker Plus?
A) #0505 Trio Linker Plus is an adaptor to connect PS2™, GC™ & DC™ controllers to PC and PS3™.

Q2.What is the difference between #0505 Trio Linker Plus and #0403 Trio linker?
A) The main difference is that #0505 Trio Linker Plus can support DC™ Arcade stick, DC™ Twin stick and DC™ Steering wheel.

Q3.When two controllers are plugged into the #0505 Trio Linker Plus, why does the computer only detect one?
A) #0505 Trio Linker Plus could only support one controller at the same time. Therefore it will only detect the first plugged one.

Q4.Why isn't there any vibration on computer when I add the official vibration pack to the DC™ controller?
A) #0505 Trio Linker Plus does not support DC™ controller vibration pack. However, it does support vibration for PS™ & GC™ controllers.

Q5.I have followed the installation procedure but my computer still shows "unknown device", why?
A) It might be the USB port that is causing the problem. Please disconnect the #0505 Trio Linker Plus from computer, restart computer and try again with another USB port. If the situation remains the same, please kindly test it on another computer.


Q6.The Macro I have recorded with the Macro Editor cannot be replayed 100% accurately, why ?
A) The Hardware resource usage percentage would affect the running speed of the game. In order words, the more programs running in the background, the slower the game is running. Therefore, during record and replay, if the Hardware resource usage percentage is different, the running speed of the game would be different and therefore the recorded Macro cannot be replayed 100% accurately. We recommend users to turn off other programs to release Hardware resources, so that the record and replay of the Macro can be more accurate.


Q7.Does #0505 Trio Linker Plus supports wireless controllers ?
A) We have tested some common wireless controllers in the market, and the list below are proved to be compatible with our #0505 Trio Linker Plus. For those wireless controllers not in the list, we have not tested them yet.

Q8.I have just brought a Trio Linker, would you please replace my Trio Linker with a #0505 Trio Linker Plus?
A) The postage for replacement is too expensive, which is not worth at all. We would recommend you to buy a new #0505 Trio Linker Plus.


Q9.Is #0505 Trio Linker Plus compatible with PS3™?
Yes, PS3™ games are supported, but PS3™ firmware must be updated


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