Connect the MINI CAMERA to the GBA SP™ or NDS™, turn on the power and you can use it.


#0412 GBA SP™ & NDS™ MINI CAMERA includes four main functions:

1. Capture photos      2. Photo manager       3. Memory manager         4. Connect to computer


Press " L " to switch from one function to another one.


1. Capture photos

The displayed picture is slightly larger then the actual size, you could hold " R " to resize it to the actual size.


Press " A " to take photo.


Press " SELECT " to call the menu:



  a. NEUTRAL (normal)                    b. BLUE (trend to blue)

  c. COLOR (rich color)                   d. RED



  To tune the brightness of the screen : max (+ 15), min (-1)


2. Photo manager

In this function, the screen would show you the photos. 9 photos are shown in a single screen. Select the photo and press " A ", the selected photo would be shown in full screen. Press " SELECT " to delete the photo. Press " START " to enable the " ZOOM IN " function. Press " B " to exit.


3. Memory manager

There are two functions:

1. ERASE ALL ---------- delete all photos in the memory.

2. UNDELETE ALL------ un-delete the deleted photos.


4. Connect to computer

In this function, press " A " and connect the camera to computer, and then you can run the " Mini Cam Photo Book " program to transfer pictures to PC.


**** Please see the READ ME FILE in the floppy. ****


========PC connect set up guide========

1. Install the " Mini Cam PhotoBook " to PC from the floppy.

2. Disconnect the #0412 GBA SP™ & NDS™ Mini Camera from the console.

3. Connect the #0412 GBA SP™ & NDS™ Mini Camera with the provided USB cable. The USB connection logo would be shown at the bottom right corner of the window.

  (PC would ask for the driver for the 1st connection. The driver could be found in the floppy)

4. Run the MINI Cam PhotoBook program.

5. MINI Cam PhotoBook program will read the data from the camera automatically.

6. Select a photo and press " PRE-VIEW ", the program will show you the selected photo.

7. Press the " Upload ", " Download " and " Delete " buttons to do the co-responding operations.

8. After finished the operation, you could simply close the program and disconnect the USB cable.


<<<<< Q&A >>>>>

Q1. What is #0412 GBA SP™ & NDS™ mini camera?
#0412 GBA SP™ & NDS™ mini Camera is used on the Nintendo™ GBA SP™ or NDS™ as a small digital camera.


Q2. Can the photos of the MINI Camera be upload to the computer?
A). Accompanied by the USB cable, uploading photos to the computer, editing and printing are made possible.


Q3.What interface is used to connect the MINI Camera to the computer?
A). The MINI Camera comes with  USB port cable, which enables it to be connected to the computer. At present, majority of computers have USB port.


Q4. How many photos can the MINI Camera capture?
A). There is a built-in 8MB memory capacity, which can capture 26 VGA(640X480)standard photographs.


Q5.If the photo is blurred, what can I do?
A). You can adjust the focus on the lens.


Q6. How can I delete the photograph?
A). Press "L" and choose function 2.Photo management function. Then press "A" and select the photo you would like to delete. The photo will enlarge; next press "select" and you will be asked "yes" or "no". Press "yes" and the photo will be delete.


Q7.Why is my MINI Camera not able to connect to the computer?
A). If you have already checked that the cable that connects your MINI Camera to computer is fine, then it might be that the
GBA SP™ & NDS™  battery is low, please change the battery.


Q8. Why is that there are horizontal lines on the photos that were taken by the MINI camera?
A). This is because there is insufficient light.


Q9. Why is there a difference between the photo taken by the MINI camera and the actual photo, how can I solve it?
A). Press "R" before you take the photo and you can see the actual photo's difference.


Q10. Does the MINI Camera compatible with the latest NDS Lite?
A). Sure, no problem at all.


Q11. Does the MINI Camera support 64bit windows ? (7-10-09)
A). No. There is no 64bit driver for this product. If there are new driver updates, we would put it on the download page. 


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This Is Not A Nintendo Official Product