Q1.What is  #0202 GC™ 64M memory card?

a. #0202 GC™ 64M memory card is a memory card used on GC™.

Q2.What is the difference between #0202 GC™ 64M memory card & the original 4M memory card?

a.  Our #0202 GC™ 64M memory card is not only 16 times larger in capacity but also remarkably faster than the original 4M memory card (e.g. for a 49 block save to be copied to the original 4M memory card, it would approximately take 12 seconds. However, all our memory cards from 4x /8x /16x/ all only need a second to do so.

Q3. Why should you buy our 64M memory card?

a.  With a capacity of 16 times larger than the original 4M memory card & a remarkable speed for saving, the #0202 GC™ 64M memory card is only double the price of the original 4M. Some games need a capacity of 16M to be saved and this cannot be done with the original 4M. However, our 64M can manage to do so.

Q4.How can I make large capacity game saves?

a.  Take All star baseball 2003 for an example, in the game, press Frandise->Finish draft->Exit draft->schedule->save midseason and a save of more than 100 block is made.

Q5. Other than the #0202 GC™ 64M memory card, what other capacities can I choose from?

a. Other than the 64M, there is 8M, 16M, 32M, 128M choose from.

Q6. Why is it that when I use the GC™ USB Adaptor/GC™ Memory Card to play GC™ Zelda a warning (save data error, cannot be saved)will appear in the Save Data? It continues to appear, is there a button that I can press to stop it? Is it that your memory card cannot be used? 

a. The warning will not affect the Save Data. When you first save, the warning will not appear. Only when you save once again, the warning will appear and repeat itself. Once the warning repeats again, you can pull out the GC™ USB Adaptor/GC™ Memory Card. The warning will stop repeating itself. The screen will appear " Do you want to save data?" press "no", then "do you want to continue?" press "yes". Then you will return to the game. Please insert the GC™ usb adaptor/GC™ Memory Card back into the memory slot. (Because of the fast speed of our GC™ USB Adaptor/GC™ Memory Card, which the game cannot follow, the warning will appear. However, the data is already saved, there isn't the need to worry about the record disappearing.)

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