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WEIGHT : 130 g
PACKING SIZE : 13.8 cm X 20 cm X 4.5 cm 
PRODUCT SIZE : 7.5 cm  X 6 cm X 4.3 cm



Main Features
1. Enables PS
™ / PS2™ memory card data transfer to PS3™ HDD.
2. USB Connection.


How to use ?
Simply connect the memory card to PS3
™ via the #0701 PSIII CardReader as shown above, user could

copy the card into the PS3™ HDD so as to build a virtual memory card in PS3™. Please see the

below guide for details.


PS III CardReader user guide
1. Turn ON the PS3™ console.
2. Connect the PS™/PS2™ memory card to the #0
701 PSIII CardReader.
3. Connect the #0701
PSIII CardReader to a USB port of the PS3™ console.
4. In the menu, select ˇ§Gameˇ¨-->ˇ§Memory card utility (PS/PS2)ˇ¨-->ˇ§Memory cardˇ¨.
5. The console will ask if you would like to copy the card. Select ˇ§OKˇ¨.

  After the above steps, the PS™/PS2™ memory card is copied into the PS3™ HDD, and an

ˇ§Internal virtual memory cardˇ¨ is built. User can use the ˇ§Internal virtual memory cardˇ¨

  in PS™/PS2™ games.

Warning : #0701 PSIII CardReader only supports transferring data from PS™/PS2™ memory card to PS3™ HDD. Transferring data from PS3™ HDD to PS™/PS2™ memory card may cause the memory card malfunction.


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