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WEIGHT : 145.40 g
PACKING SIZE :14 cm X 20 cm X 3.2 CM 
PRODUCT SIZE :  9 CM  X 7 CM  X 1.7 CM


Trio Linker introduction: 

1. Converts PS2, GC & DC controllers (including Cha Cha Amigo) to computer

2. Supports PS2 & GC force feedback function

3. Compatible with official PS2, GC, DC controllers & a majority of compatible controllers

4. Key configuration function

5. Individual save & load game setting button

6. Multiple Trio Linker converters can be used on PC simultaneously


-PS steering wheel
-PS controller
-PS dance mat
-GC controller
-GC drums
-DC controller

*For Trio Linker compatible Cha Cha Amigo PC game, please go to EMS games club 


Installation procedure:(Windows ME or above)

Insert the floppy disk into the computer A:

Using the mouse, at my computer double click left

Then at “floppy drive” double click left

At Trio Linker file, right click and choose copy

Once again, at my computer double click left

Right click  "Local Disk" (e.g. C:) choose “paste”

At"Local Disk" (e.g. C:) again, double click left

At "Trio Linker" file, double click left

At  "setup.exe" double click left.



*Upon successful installation, insert Trio Linker into the computer usb port,

control panel jgaming options “Joypad to usb converter” will appear.


*For Windows98, please refer to the readme file


*Note: Install driver before using Trio Linker

Then insert Trio Linker to the computer  USB port position. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Trio Linker interface function introduction:



The interface of Trio Linker can be separated into 5 areas

1. Key configuration function. Setting is user friendly, simply use your mouse to click on any position within area 

1 and “press any key” will appear. Press any key and you will be able to set the controller to what is indicated in the interface.

2. Displays the movement of the analog

3. Select the controller type used

4. “Joystick”& “Keyboard” selection enables Trio Linker to switch from ordinary controller and mock keyboard function.  

“Save” records what has been set “Save as” records elsewhere “Load” loads saves.

5.“Advance” sets force feedback function on the controller. “Normal” is the ordinary

mode “Compatible” does not provide force feedback function, to turn on the force

feedback function, just choose on/off. “Vibration” when “Min” is selected, there will

be minimum vibration. “Max” will have maximum vibration.


*Note: When using Trio Linker and 3 different types of controllers are simultaneously inserted to the Trio Linker, 

  Trio Linker will enable the controller that was first inserted.


Trio Linker upgraded turbo function V.12 (Download2004-06-19

At the Trio Linker main menu interface, click “advance”. On the right hand side of the interface, is the Turbo function. On/Off enables and disables the Turbo function. Enable the Turbo function and setup any button you would like found under “On/Off” button to be Turbo mode. Multiple buttons can be setup. Under “Turbo Selection”, there is a choice of speed. However, please beware that if the speed is too high, the game may not be able to detect the button.

Trio linker V1.3 bugs fixed:  (Download)   2004-07-13

1)a win2000 bug, fixed (can't use more than one Trio linker)

2) Japanese win98 can't install bug, fixed

3) a bug that can't install normally in win98 & winMe, fixed 
(require to run install program 2 times to work normally)

new function added:
1) To tackle Windows requirement to install new driver everytime a different
USB port is inserted into. The trouble with needing to manually install.

2)Every device added requires manual setting of features.
e.g. 1: A joystick can be keyboard, B joystick can remain to be joystick function.
e.g. 2: A joystick's L1 = L2, B joystick's L1 can be R2.

3) Protect software function. Don't show *.sys, *.dll. exe does all the installation
functions. And after installation, it will automatically setup Uninstall.exe, when 
necessary, you may uninstall.

Trio linker V3.163 (Download)   2004-09-08

1) New macro function. 
    When Joypad Option is set "joystick", Macro function is compatible with PC joypad.
    On the other hand, when Joypad Option is set "keyboard", Macro functioin is compatible with PC keyboard.
2) Macro Interface function. This function is basically divided into two parts.
Function 1:
This function records all buttons pressed (on the controller/ keyboard) throughout the game. The recording can be replayed over and over again whenever you like during the game. Macro editor can edit the recorded file.
         (When recording, there must be a complete record file path. Through Macro Main window "Add", you can add file, input setting value. Then through Macro Main window "Open", run.)
Function 2:
This new function inputs all buttons through Macro Editor into *.joy file as a sequence of different actions.
You can then choose any button on the controller or keyboard as the shortcut key. Simply by pressing that shortcut key, you can replay the sequence of buttons that you have set.
     This function is suitable for battle games.

Macro Main Window :

Macro Editor :

*Note: Because of synchronization, save & replay may not be suitable for certain games (such as Racing games as there are time differences). However, in arcade games, it is perfect.
For example: In a racing game, if I start recording at 00:00:00, when I replay, if I am 1 second slower(00:00:01), because of the 1 second time difference between starting to record and starting to replay, it may result to the car crashing or losing control during the replay. Therefore not being able to perform like the recording and finish the race.
            (To start Macro function, first set Macro action. Then Click "Apply" in Macro Main Window. The "Shortcut" in Start Replay.
            Key to Hide is to hide Macro interface.Which can save system resources.
            When Macro is working, click Exit and Macro will stop all work.
            "Shortcut" do not use it simultaneously.)  

Trio linker V3.20 (Download)   2004-03-01

New "Digital Pad Setting" function is added :

With the old Trio Linker drivers, when the user use the digital pad, the analog function would also be affected. This would not be a problem for most of the games, as both of the digital pad and the analog stick are used to control the movement of the character in the game. But recently a customer points out that in a PC game, the left analog stick is used to control the movement of the character while the digital pad is used to control the pointer of the menu. The problem is that when the user move the pointer of the menu, it would let the character in the game move to the same direction.

This new driver version 3.20 has a "Digital Pad Setting" option. User can set it to "Advance" mode so as to solve the above problem. User can also set to "Normal" so that the driver would work as the old driver (v3.163).


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