Keyboard Adaptor for Wii™ / GC™ / PS3™ / PS2™

產品編號 #0315                                                                         訂購單



    重量 : 60g



連接普通 PS/2 鍵盤至 Wii™ / GC™ / PS3™ / PS2™.


注意: 1. 鍵盤只能於 GC™ / PS2™ 遊戲上使用.

         2. 產品不跟包裝品.


歡迎 OEM 訂購.


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#0315 GC Keyboard Adaptor is fully designed and developed  in-house by EMS PRODUCTION LIMITED.

This is not a SONY nor Nintendo official product.


This Is Not A Nintendo Official Product


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