Q1. What is the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor?
A) The #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor can turn an ordinary PS2 controller into a wireless controller. It supports most of the dualshock 1/2 compatible controllers.
Q2. How is the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor used?
A) Just insert the controller into the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor emitter and insert the receiver to the PS2 controller port.
Q3. How many #0311 PS2 RF Adaptors can I use at once?
A) At most 8. (4 for Europe)

Q4. Why isn't my PS2 controller working after connecting to #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor?
A) Please check the switch and battery on the emitter of the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor. Is the frequency on the emitter and receiver the same and available.
Q5. Why does my PS2 controller suddenly lose control?
A) It might be because the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor frequency is being interferred. Please change the channel of the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor.
Q6. Why is it that when I have switched off the emitter and connected the USB cable to it, the red led is on?
A) This is because no matter if the emitter is switched on/off, once the USB cable is connected, the RF Adaptor can function with the power from USB. The batteries are not necessary in this case.
Q7. I am using rechargeable batteries, I have connected the USB cable, but the batteries aren't recharging, why?
A) Please check if the switch on the emitter is on/off as the rechargeable batteries cannot be recharged if it is off.
Q8. Can the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor recharge alkaline or other batteries?
A) No, the #0311 PS2 RF Adaptor can only recharge rechargeable batteries and no other battery.

Q9. Why is it that eventhough I haven't connected the PS2 controller to the RF emitter, the red LED is still light up?
A) That is normal, however to save the 3A battery power, please turn off the emitter when you do not use it.

This is not a Sony official product

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